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local wind survey equipment

Survey equipment

Windsurvey.co.uk can supply wind measurement equipment and software to help you carry out an accurate local wind survey.

You supply:

  • A PC running Windows XP or Vista, with a spare USB port. The screen size should be at least 1024 x 768 pixels (normal on any reasonably modern PC). The PC has to be running permanently, but Windsurvey software does not intefere with normal use of the PC for word processing, web browsing, etc.
  • Anemometer mounting pole and fixings (click for details on fixing anemometers).
Windsurvey.co.uk supplies:
  • Up to two anemometers. These are the industry-standard Maximum #40 type, with 3 cups spinning round a vertical axis. Each one comes with a stub pole, two clips to fasten the stub pole to your pole, and 30 metres of cable (you can add more cable, up to at least 100 metres).
  • A USB port adaptor. The cable(s) from the anemometer(s) plug into this adaptor.
  • Windsurvey wind measurement software, which runs night and day, gathering accurate wind speed data from the anemometers (click for details on Windsurvey software).
  • A plug-top power supply (like a mobile phone charger) to power the anemometer(s).
  • A comprehensive instruction leaflet.