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Windsurvey software

The Windsurvey software is designed to run on a standard PC under Windows XP or Vista. It runs 24 hours a day, gathering data in the background. It does not interfere with any other software you may run (word processors, web browsers etc), except that it ties up one USB port. If you need to shut down the Windsurvey software at any time, the data already gathered is not affected. No data is gathered while the software is not running, but data gathering restarts as soon as the software is restarted.

You can select:
  • The model of wind turbine for which the power output is to be displayed. An alternative is to display daily average wind speeds.
  • The units in which the current wind speed is to be displayed.
  • The altitude above sea level, which is needed for the power output calculation.
  • Whether or not a 'standardised' power curve is to be used. Details in the user manual.
You can click a button to produce a full report from the entire recorded database, containing daily average and maximum wind speeds and predicted output for all supported wind generators. The full report function also takes copies of the raw wind speed data files (10-minute average wind speeds, also wind data in a format suitable for power output calculations). You can use these files to carry out your own analysis using a spreadsheet or other software.

If the model of wind turbine you have in mind is not on the list, please get in touch, as it can probably be added (some manufacturers are more forthcoming than others as regards power output data).

Click to see a screen shot of the Windsurvey software. This is a snapshot of the software running with a single anemometer. The 'Average output' figures relate to the entire recorded database, not just the latest 28 days whose individual power outputs are displayed. Although the database covers about 579 days from start to finish, it contains only about 535 days' data, because of  periods when the software was not running.