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Fixing anemometers

The Windsurvey software reads data from either one or two anemometers. You may have a choice of turbine sites, for example: on top of a building, on a 10-metre tower, on a 15-metre tower, etc. A wind survey with two anemometers is a good way to select the site which will provide the most power.

Each anemometer comes with a stub pole, which is a short metal pole (about 35cm). The anemometer is fixed to the top of the stub pole with a split pin. You need to provide a larger pole to position the anemometer as close as you can to the proposed turbine site. Two clips are provided to fasten the stub pole to the top of your pole.

If necessary, your pole may be fastened to a building with brackets or screws, or whatever is convenient. No great strength is required (unlike the mounting of the actual turbine). For example, a sturdy broomstick screwed to a chimney would be fine. Strong television aerial mountings can be useful. The anemometer does not interfere with television signals.

The cable from the anemometer has to be brought indoors to the computer. This is unlikely to be a problem; for example it could be brought through a slightly-open upstairs window, or perhaps down an unused chimney.