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The single-anemometer kit includes the following:
  • One anemometer, complete with stub pole, two clips and 30 metres of cable
  • One USB port adaptor
  • One plugtop power supply
  • Windsurvey software for Windows XP or Vista
  • Instruction leaflet
The double-anemometer kit includes two anemometers, each complete with stub pole, two clips and 30 metres of cable. Other components as for the single-anemometer kit.

The single-anemometer kit costs 145.80
The double-anemometer kit costs 248.60
Packaging: recycled, no charge
UK delivery: charged at cost, around 6.85
Overseas delivery: charged at cost

Some items are available separately:

Maximum #40 anemometer, complete with stub pole and two clips: 102.80
100 metres of cable: 30.00

All prices include 20% VAT (UK Value Added Tax), not payable outside the European Union.