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local wind survey equipment


A local wind survey should help you answer these questions:
  • Is a wind turbine economically viable at this location?
A local wind survey is bound to give you a better idea of the probable power generation than you would get from the manufacturer's published data and/or estimated average wind speed data, simply because it takes into account local factors affecting wind speed, such as the turbine position and the presence of nearby trees, buildings and hilltops.
  • Where is the best site for a wind turbine?
Answering this question requires some experimentation, and it's better to have two anemometers working together. If you survey two sites at the same time, you can be sure that any difference in the results is not due to different weather conditions.
  • Which model of turbine is the best one for this location?
There can be some surprises here. For example, if your local winds are not very strong, you may find that a lower-rated turbine would generate more power than a higher-rated one. This can happen if the lower-rated turbine starts generating at a lower wind speed than the higher-rated one, and there are not enough stronger winds for the higher-rated one to catch up.